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After writing Blueprint Homeschooling, several readers contacted me to ask about my book lists that I talk about in the DIY Curriculum section of the book. Many people look for a full homeschool science curriculum without realizing that they can piece together their own using library resources. Not only is it cheaper this way, it’s also a lot more fun!

Since we are a science-heavy family, I decided to compile all my favorite resources for each of the four sciences. By the time I was done, I had four books, each with over 100 recommendations for favorite books, videos, and games to teach Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science. These resources are best for elementary and middle school ages, although I also recommend adult photography books for many subjects. They are organized based on science topics, so you can easily create an entire year’s curriculum using just a handful of these resources.



Want them all? Purchase the bundled book and get all the content from each of the four individual titles, plus 8 extra lists!

I hope these books help you find more resources to add more fun to your science studies!